Saturday, April 3, 2010

Post Release

For two months after publishing Virtual Table Tennis 3D, I slowed down my development efforts considerably partly due to other things going on in life at the time. I did manage to push out several incremental updates for the game (bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, graphical polish, small features).

Some things I learned about publishing a game on the Android marketplace:
  • The market audience is polarizing. Some users will find your game too easy while others will find it too difficult. Trying to please all users is a balancing act.
  • Making any assumptions on the user's prior experience in playing touch screen games is detrimental. If you don't make your input system "idiot proof" expect some negative reviews to come your way.
  • Some users will blame you (and down rank you) for things that are beyond your control, such as not being able to download the game.
  • Weekend seems to bring in the best sales.
  • Its worthwhile to update your game every two weeks to get on the "Just In" section of the market.
I'm going to continue to update my game periodically and I even have some new content planned that goes beyond bug fixes and minor tweaks.

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